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Bhutan Travel Experience with Jachung Travel

Dear Tshering,

We just returned to Delhi from Bhutan today. I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing trip! Our guide and driver were excellent and we also met Deepak. Bhutan is a truly beautiful country, thank you for helping me organize our itinerary and the details of our trip. We have so many wonderful memories and I will certainly spread the word.

All the best,
Jesal M.

Brooklyn, New York

Dear Mr. Tshering Samdrup,

In the name of my group I would like to extend the expressions of gratitude and thankfulness for having organized our trip to Bhutan. We enjoyed it very much. Our guide, Mr. Chimi Dorji, was very efficient, above all provided very competent and rich information about the amenities we visited, including their social and religious background. He was also very polite and ready to help at any moment of the trip. The same we can say about our experienced driver, Mr. Purna Badur. We admired his
professionalism especially in narrow and dangerous segments of the road between Dochula Pass and Punakha. Both the “Lamtoep" and the “Dhey’yop" were very modest and co-operative. We appreciated very much the accommodation at the Namgay Heritage Hotel. All the program was really very flexible and well adapted to our needs and expectations, also in implementing the ad hoc points like a Bhutanese dinner at the Folk Heritage Museum, visit at the Gyalyong Tshogdhu and the audience granted to our group by the Hon’ble Prime Minister His Excellency Lyonchhen Jigmi Yoezer Thinley or a lunch at Druk Hotel given by our Bhutanese Friends. All these points were willingly implemented by Mr. Chimi Dorji and adjusted to the rest of the official program. And what we experienced everywhere it was a selfless benevolence of the people. Strange to us and even embarassing was seeing women (young ladies working at the hotels) carrying, not without effort, our heavy pieces of luggage …

As a trip of life we judge it very high and as an undertaking organized with concern for participants’ interests. All this made us sad while leaving the board of Druk Air plane in Delhi ... That is why I would like to say express our “Kadrinche La" to you asking you to pass the same “Kadrinche La" to Mr. Tashi Tobgay from Bhutan Gateway Travel.

With all our best regards and wishes of every success in encouraging people to visit your wonderful country I remain

Faithfully yours,

Janusz S.
Ambassador of Poland accredited to the State of Kuwait.
April 2012

Dear Tshering,

We are now back home in Holland after a wonderful week in Bhutan and then a week in Goa in South India to chill out and to settle our impressions of Bhutan and the emotions evoked. Thank you for the itinerary that you proposed for us. It was a perfect combination of sight-seeing, culture, heritage and physical and mental exercise (I'm thinking of the walk up to the Tigers Nest monastery!). Our guide Lhendup and our driver Tobgay were wonderful. Lhendup took good care of us, was very informative and knowledgeable with perfect English. Tobgay drove us very safely and was very helpful on our long journey of discovery of wonderful Bhutan. At my request, we briefly met your brother Tashi and had a nice talk with him. We appreciated the time he took from his busy schedule to meet us in our hotel in Thimphu. Arranged by Lhendup, we were able to enjoy an hour of Bhutanese dance and singing in our hotel in Paro and to attend a Drayang in Thimphu to hear and see live modern Bhutanese music and dancing. The Paro Festival was truly impressive and we were fortunate to be within a few metres of the handsome young king and his beautiful young queen as they passed by at the Paro Dzong.

Tshering, thank you for arranging our trip for us so perfectly. We really appreciate the prompt and courteous service that you gave us, including arranging the translation into English of that wonderful Bhutanese song. We have had the most wonderful and fulfilling life experience: that was our trip to Bhutan.

With kind regards and our very best wishes,

Williamson and Mieke Berry

Dear Tshering,

We just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic visit to Bhutan. It certainly ranks as one of our best holidays ever. Thank you for facilitating.

We have one request. We would like to send a letter to Tashi which will include a small amount of money for him to distribute. Could you please let us know if the below address is complete?

Many thanks,


I want to express our thanks for a absolute fantastic trip to Bhutan.Your company, employees did a terrific job. I especially want to mention and recognize Chime. He was truly a great guide. Not only was he very knowledgeable in his presentations, but kind and enjoyable. He just made our trip the best ever. The drivers were also very very good. Courteous and kind plus very good in handling the roads and traffic.

I will recommend you company very highly.

Long Beach, CA 90802

Thank you Tshering, for all the wonderful help you gave me in preparing my photography tour to Bhutan.You're professionalism and attention to details made things easy, and I will definitely be back to use your services again!

All the best,
Brenda Photography


Dear Tshering,

We want to thank you and Tashi for arranging such a spectacular trip for us! We were delighted with the entire itinerary and really appreciated all the flexibility and great service. The hikes you selected were absolutely perfect for us — challenging and beautiful — and they were perfectly paced, alternating with the sightseeing days as they did. We were thrilled with the Uma and Taj Tashi too...what wonderful indulgences!

Chimi was such a superb guide. He was knowledgeable, funny, kind, and extremely easygoing and helpful, and he was eager to assist us with absolutely anything (he’s a good hiker too, by the way). Our driver, Tashi, also did a terrific job, always arriving in a timely fashion and navigating those mountain passes like a pro.

We truly look forward to telling our friends and family about Jachung Travel, and we would be happy to recommend your trips to any of your potential clients as well. You were so quick and efficient, with all the communications and visa work, and you made the entire process a smooth and simple one, leaving us to relax and enjoy the trip.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such an amazing adventure!

Best wishes and much appreciation,

Sheri V.

dear tshering,

just back from hong kong (after visiting bhutan, flew to bangkok and hong kong to celebrate my birthday) - but the impressions of bhutan will prove lasting. i had a perfect trip, exceeding my (high) expectations. indeed, a very special country, and it was really difficult to leave. i had a very good relationship with both driver and guide - important, especially as i was traveling alone.

so, i also wanted to extend a well-meant "thank you" to you, as you have been very cooperative and patient in finding a trip that would best cover my desires. you have been a great help, and together with the people "on the ground" in bhutan, i can say that i am a very satisfied customer!

best regards
boris K.
Oct. 2009

Dear Tshering,

We are back from our unbelievable trip to Bhutan, and we want to thank you for aranging things for us.

We realize that we only touched the surface of Bhutanese cultural history and physical beauty. But what we did experience was far beyond our expectations.

Everything went well on the trip. Our guide, Karma, and driver were outstanding. Karma was especially good--he made changes to fit our skill levels and was an all-around nice person.

If we had any suggestion to make, it would to find a slightly better hotel in Thimphu. The Dragon Roots was several notches below our other accommadations, although the location was excellent.

If we had to sum up the trip and our experiences in a word, it would be WOW!

Again, many thanks.
Bob and Katherine L.
Oct. 2009

kuzuzongpo-la! tshering,

we're now in delhi, having arrived earlier this afternoon from paro. our bhutan stay was wonderful, and i want to thank you again for a super effort on our behalf. our bhutan gateway guide, karma chopel, and our driver, tashi (dorji?) were great: knowledgeable, helpful, fun, and all-round "good guys." i could write so much about the many special moments we enjoyed, but instead, i'll simply say that it was the proverbial "once-in-a-lifetime experience," whose memories always will remain with us.

again, our sincere thanks,

tashi delek,

marcie g.
July 2009
New York, USA

Dear Tshering,

We had such a fantastic and memorable trip in Bhutan! The valleys are so beautiful, people so kind, Dzongs so magnificent, monasteries so full of spirituality and mystery ...... Bhutan is really the last Shangri-la on earth!

Ugyen and Kado are very nice and we really enjoyed their company.

We are very happy that we had the chance to visit such a wonder country, a dream come true! We will definitely go back to visit other parts of the country or just to be there. We'll contact you again when such time comes.

Thanks again for all your advice, arrangement and help!

Vivian X.
October, 2009

Dear Samdrup, Pema

We have recently returned from our Bhutan Photo Expedition and I would like to thank you both for all your help in the planning for this trip and for your support during our two weeks in Bhutan.

Our group had a great time and we all have very fond memories of our magical time in Bhutan. Everything ran very smoothly and we have only the highest praise for your efforts.

Samdrup, thank you especially for your patient and prompt responses to my many e-mail enquiries in the lead up to the trip. We seemed to have had more than our fair share of obstacles but you dealt with them all quickly and efficiently. Thank you for all of your help dealing with Ivana's many flight difficulties, she would not have been able to make the trip without your help and mentioned to me on several occasions how helpful you had been.

Thank you too for your quick response when we were at the airport and discovered our passport/visa issue. I'm pleased that it was eventually resolved and that we didn't have to leave anyone behind. A valuable lesson for us for next time.

I'd also like to pass on my thanks for the first class service that we received from Sonam and Karma. Karma was the very definition of professional and navigated the bus with quiet confidence. The bus was clean and tidy each morning and we all had great confidence in his abilities. Sonam was a star from start to finish. He was always one step ahead and was pro-active throughout our trip. He anticipated our every need and I was very confident that we were in the very best hands. Both are a great credit to your company and I cannot speak of them highly enough.

Jackie and I had a great time. In no small part due to the expertise and professionalism exhibited by you and all your staff at all times. We are already planning for 2010 and hope to be booking dates for accommodation before the end of the year.

I will make a selection of pictures from this trip available to you in the near future and hope that you will feel free to use them in your promotional and publicity efforts. If you need any testimonials from us or would like to use us as references for your potential clients then please don't hesitate to ask.

Pema, please let me know when you are next heading to Bangkok and we'll arrange to meet. I look forward to it.

Thank you both again. We had such a great time and can't wait to return to Bhutan.

Kind regards.
Gavin Gough
Freelance Travel Photographer
(Sept. Oct. 2009)

Dear Tshering,

Laura and I had a great trip to Bhutan and would like to thank you once again for all your planning and advice that absolutely contributed to our wonderful vacation.

Our guide Sonam was excellent and one of the highlight of our trip was when he suggested we modify our schedule to partake in a tongdrel unfurling and Monk house blessing. Truly wonderful events with us being the only visiting westerners in attendance. We also greatly enjoyed the festival, and most everything else about that trip, including seeing the king in Trongsa.

The Hyundai 4wd was an excellent choice for an automobile. Thank you for all you did for us. The trip wouldn't have been as nice without your wonderful advice and planning.

Thank you again Tshering,

Craig Learned and Laura
Portland, OR 97208
(March 2009)

Dear Tshering,

I am back in the United States. I really enjoyed the visit and stay in Bhutan.

Thanks for making excellent arrangements. The guide and the driver took good care of me and were very hospitable. I did not know that Hindi is so widely spoken in Bhutan!

I really liked the hotel in Wangdi. I was also able to go to the Stadium in Thimpu to see some of the events during the King's coronation

Best wishes
Mr. Anil J.
Okemos, Michigan 48864 USA
November 2008


I wanted to write a quick note regarding my wonderful trip to Bhutan. I found my guide, Chimi, to be a wonderful host throughout my travels. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and accomodating - a wonderful representative for Jachung Travel and for your lovely country of Bhutan. Thank you! Our driver, Tashi, was also wonderful. I thank you for arranging such a wonderful time for me! I can't wait to return!

Cathy C.
Rancho Palos Verdes
CA 90275
February, 2009

Dear Tshering,

Laura and I had a great trip to Bhutan and would like to thank you once again for all your planning and advice that absolutely contributed to our wonderful vacation.

Our guide Sonam was excellent and one of the highlight of our trip was when he suggested we modify our schedule to partake in a tongdrel unfurling and Monk house blessing. Truly wonderful events with us being the only visiting westerners in attendance. We also greatly enjoyed the festival, and most everything else about that trip, including seeing the king in Trongsa.

The Hyundai 4wd was an excellent choice for an automobile. Thank you for all you did for us. The trip wouldn't have been as nice without your wonderful advice and planning.

Thank you again Tshering,

Craig L. and Laura
Portland, OR 97208
(March 2009)

Dear Tshering,

Laura and I had a great trip to Bhutan and would like to thank you once again for all your planning and advice that absolutely contributed to our wonderful vacation.

Our guide Sonam was excellent and one of the highlight of our trip was when he suggested we modify our schedule to partake in a tongdrel unfurling and Monk house blessing. Truly wonderful events with us being the only visiting westerners in attendance. We also greatly enjoyed the festival, and most everything else about that trip, including seeing the king in Trongsa.

The Hyundai 4wd was an excellent choice for an automobile. Thank you for all you did for us. The trip wouldn't have been as nice without your wonderful advice and planning.

Thank you again Tshering,

Craig L. and Laura
Portland, OR 97208
(March 2009)

Hi Tshering,

I'm back from my trip and had a great time. Thank you for arranging everything and answering my constant questions. Everyday went flawlessly and was incredible, both the people and the sights. I'm sure a trek is due for sometime in the future. Thanks again.

Bill S.
October 2008

Dear Tshering

Just want to let you know that we had the most amazing trip to Bhutan. The guides were excellent, both the cultural and the trekking guide {Puntsok and Ganchu – spelling?}, in fact all the staff on the trek and the drivers were really really good. Have recommended a trip to Bhutan to all my friends.

Thanks you for all your help – and patience – in putting this trip together. We do hope to go back there again one day.

Margurite H.
October 2008
Hong Kong

Hi Tshering,

Thanks a lot for orchestrating a good 9 day visit for me in Bhutan. My guide, Lhendup was outstanding. I was really pleased with the itinerary and found Bhutan-Gateway (the local tour operator) overall particularly good. My driver, Namgay, also deserves exceptional credit.

I left positive evaluations with Bhutan-Gateway. But you deserve sincere thanks as well.

Tim L.
Campbell, CA 95008
September 2008

Dear Tshering,

We have arrived safely back from our tour in Bhutan. Thank you for
your assistance in making this trip possible. There were minor adjustments to the itinerary, however, all arrangements went well and
I enjoyed the beauty of the land and the people. Perhaps I will invite
other friends next year.

Best regards to you and your family.

Terry W.
October 2008

Dear Tshering,

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful trip we had in Bhutan. We just returned on 11/2. The scenery was just awesome and the people were sincerely friendly and happy. We had the honor of seeing and waving to the new king as his procession drove through Panakha. We were thrilled to witness a part of history. We also met Tashi at a local restaurant in Thimphu. He was very pleasant and we were glad to make his acquaintance. I have to tell you our guide (Wangchen) and our driver (Sonem) really made the trip for us. By the 7th day, we were more like a little family having fun and traveling together. We have traveled a lot and these 2 young men were by far the best we have had.

We have talked to a lot of people since returning home who are now interested in going to Bhutan.

Thank you for planning an unbelievable trip. We have many wonderful memories!!! We may even return to see the eastern part of Bhutan.

Best wishes,
Bee S.
Malibu, CA 90265
November 2008

We had quite a remarkable trip to Bhutan and I want to thank you for the arrangements and share a few thoughts with you. My wife filled out the official questionnaire, so just let me add to this.

The organization went smoothly and we were very happy with our guide and our driver. Both were not only courteous and professional but took extra steps to make us feel comfortable and cater to our wishes. Cultural information from our guide was detailed and inexhaustible. We recommend him without reservation to anyone who is interested in the culture and religion of Bhutan. We also appreciated the adjustments to the itinerary: for example, we were more interested in sampling "real" Bhutanese food than the somewhat Westernized version in the hotels. Thanks to his efforts we visited some small but excellent restaurants along the way. All in all, the trip was a wonderful experience.

Thank you also for the prompt refund of our overpaid Druk Air fare.

Here are some suggestions. The hotels were all well chosen and fine but a few small improvements would be welcome. One or two of the rooms had no chair and table to sit down and read or write. Some of the rooms had no way of even hanging a jacket - a few hooks in the wall would help. Small improvements that could have an impact.

Finally, I suggest that the guides be more active and assertive in educating their customers in appropriate conduct (this criticism does not apply to our guide). Most travel books provide information and your little brochure was very helpful in learning about customs as well. But to our dismay we saw many tourists not respecting some simple guidelines: hats were prominently worn at festivals and we even saw shoes and hats inside temples. Perhaps a small leaflet, distributed and explained by the guides at the outset of a trip might help. I feel that respect for Bhutanese traditions is an important aspect of such a visit and should be expected from every tourist. If we were offended, I can only imagine how the Bhutanese must have felt. With more and more tourists coming into the country, traditional ways will inevitably be challenged but respect for a culture must not cease.

Thanks again for your help in this wonderful visit.

Jochen and Helga S.
April 2008
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Dear Tshering -

The trip to Bhutan was wonderful! Everyone in my party enjoyed themselves. Thank you for your help in arranging the trip.
I will be planning another trip next year in November for the black crane migration. This time I want to spend more time in Paro and Thimphu and also go east a bit....

We were assigned a replacement guide that served as a guide and driver. They had been a problem with the guide that had been previsouly arranged and something was wrong with the car so we didn't get a driver. The replacement guide who served as guide and driver was excellent! Mr Dragay Tenzin Dorjea is to be commended for the excellent service that he provided to us. He was most attentive and made our trip quite memorable. My party enjoyed his company and we were all very comfortable with him.

Again thank you for the itienrary that you proposed and your help in arranging this trip.

Best Regards,
Colleen P.
Newark CA 94560
October 2008


I am sending you this note to let you know that we had a great time and adventure in Bhutan. Everything went smoothly in Bhutan. Our guide, Sonam Tobgay, and driver, Nomgyl, were both knowledgeable, professional and excellent travel partners. We highly recommend that you use them both for future tours with other customers. The landscape, culture, day hikes and handicrafts were all unique and amazing. We were very impressed by Bhutan and the Drukpa.

We were also very impressed with your services at Jachung Travel. Thank you so much for managing the entire booking, visa and Druk Air process. You did an outstanding job keeping us informed and taking care of all the details throughout the reservation process. We would highly recommend Jachung Travel to future tourists planning to visit Bhutan.

Best Regards,
Walt O. & Laura S.
April , 2008
Michigan USA

Good morning Tshering,

We are back from our trip to Bhutan, and it was just fantastic!! Having traveled a lot over the years, and having lived in a number of countries, when we visit somewhere and say “wow”, then the place has really impressed us! And, this is how we feel about our glimpse of Bhutan. We wanted to write and let you know we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip. Our guide and driver were perfect – knowledgeable, flexible, fun, kind and interesting to chat with. Everything went very smoothly. All the arrangements went just as you said. The hotels and food were good and our night at Zhiwaling hotel was wonderful.

The scenery in Bhutan was stunning, architecture unusual and charming, and the Bhutanese people friendly, open and warm. We felt very privileged to be in Bhutan on election day and we watched people going in to vote and had lots of conversations about the outcome of the elections and people regarding this important change for the country. That evening we met up with our friends to watch the counting of the ballots on TV. Some of the hotel staff joined us and it was very interesting to have their perspective on what was happening too.

We already have a number of other teachers at our school interested in visiting Bhutan, so we will be only too happy to recommend you to them.
Many thanks once again for all your help. Visiting Bhutan was a once in a lifetime experience!

Kind regards,
Chris and Mick G.
International School of Beijing


I am sending you this note to let you know that we had a great time and adventure in Bhutan. Everything went smoothly in Bhutan. Our guide, Sonam Tobgay, and driver, Nomgyl, were both knowledgeable, professional and excellent travel partners. We highly recommend that you use them both for future tours with other customers. The landscape, culture, day hikes and handicrafts were all unique and amazing. We were very impressed by Bhutan and the Drukpa.

We were also very impressed with your services at Jachung Travel. Thank you so much for managing the entire booking, visa and Druk Air process. You did an outstanding job keeping us informed and taking care of all the details throughout the reservation process. We would highly recommend Jachung Travel to future tourists planning to visit Bhutan.

Best Regards,
Walt O. & Laura S.
April , 2008
Michigan USA


I am sending you this note to let you know that we had a great time and adventure in Bhutan. Everything went smoothly in Bhutan. Our guide, Sonam Tobgay, and driver, Nomgyl, were both knowledgeable, professional and excellent travel partners. We highly recommend that you use them both for future tours with other customers. The landscape, culture, day hikes and handicrafts were all unique and amazing. We were very impressed by Bhutan and the Drukpa.

We were also very impressed with your services at Jachung Travel. Thank you so much for managing the entire booking, visa and Druk Air process. You did an outstanding job keeping us informed and taking care of all the details throughout the reservation process. We would highly recommend Jachung Travel to future tourists planning to visit Bhutan.

Best Regards,
Walt O. & Laura S.
April , 2008
Michigan USA

You are overdue for a big thank you from all of us. We had a terrific time. Our guide Sonam was excellent and the chef of the trek was especially talented. Everyone treated us well and our driver Mr. Ram was especially skillful on those incredibly narrow twisting roads. We never had an anxious moment.

Richard B., MD
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Oct. 2007

Hi Samdrup,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much Jerry and I enjoyed our recent biking adventure in Bhutan. It was the perfect tour--a nice blend of biking, exercise, history, and great food! We really had a great time and wanted to thank you for all your help in setting it up so efficiently.

We enjoyed meeting your brother and wanted you to know how professional and kind the guide, Khephal, and the driver, Namgay were, and how much we appreciated the attention to detail, the flexibility of the staff, and the great itinerary from start to finish.

Now, we are scheming about trekking!

We will definitely recommend your company to friends planning to visit Bhutan.

Maren & Gerald S.
Bangkok, Thailand

Tshering Samdrup:

Thank you for arranging an excellent tour of Bhutan. We enjoyed meeting your brother over dinner in Thimphu the night of the first snowfall in Bhutan this year. Your guide Kefel Dorji provided excellent service as did the driver Tashi. We appreciated the accommodations and the extra effort Dorji made to make sure our stay in Bhutan was comfortable. If you ever want to use us as a reference feel free to do so. Sincerely

Bruce and Bekka M.
Minnesota, Minneapolis 55419
January, 2008

Dear Samdrup,

Thank you so much for all your work in making our trip to Bhutan so memorable! It was nice to meet your brother Tashi who greeted us at the airport and your cousin who showed us the hospital in Paro. Thank you for arranging for us to meet with Dr. Karma who graciously showed us around the hospital in Thimphu. We were all pleased to be able to do this.

Our guide, Kephel and his assistant Kezang were both helpful and informative. They both tried to do what they could to help in any way. Many places were closed due to the national holiday of the new king's birthday. We could not see the National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Folk Heritage Museum and the Textile Museum, several Dzongs, and inside Taktsang Monastery. I guess we will have to wait until our next visit to see everything.

All the hotels were wonderful, especially the Gangtey Palace. We had visited a very expensive hotel in Paro and we all decided we liked the Gangtey Palace better. Our hike to the best viewing spot of Taktsang Monastery was a true highlight! Our driver Penjor was a good driver and a good dancer and the bus which was provided for us was very comfortable for our group of 9.

We are all very glad that we were able to visit your beautiful country and look forward to visiting again!

Thank you again for this most memorable tour.

June M. and group
Feb. 2008

Hi Samdrup,

I am back safely after my trip to Inida and Bhutan, Prior to my trip I thought the Taj Mahak would be the ultimate highlight....I was mistaken, Bhutan was absolutely beautiful and the culture was very appealing. Eric and I had a greatime with Sonam and Tinley, I do not think they were used to younger clients at first ans were a little shocked when we even asked to attend the music bars and disco in Thimpu and Paro. Overall it was a great trip. We look forward to participating in some other treks over the coming years. Thank you for everything. I am putting some of the pics on line and will send you the linlk.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jeffrey N.
Philadelphia PA
USA, MArch 2007

Hello Samdrup,

I just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic time in Bhutan. Tshering, Jigme, and your brother were wonderful. The guys really took good care of us.

We did everything we planned and the weather cooperated except for the last day on the Tiger's Next hike, but it wasn't bad at all.

I was completely satisfied with the service and trip, but more important, I fell in love with Bhutan and its people. I will definitely recommend Jachung Travel if I hear of anyone interested in going to Bhutan.

Thanks again,
Sheryl S.
Boulder, CO 80302
USA, Sept. 2007

Hi Samdrup,

Just want to send a short email to thank you and our friends for the wonderful trip to Bhutan. Kephel and Nidrup are wonderful people, and skilled in their respective work. They made an enormous difference in the quality and enjoyment of our trip.

They both were extremely flexible and helpful, particularly considering the diversity of our small group, and the full schedule of the trip. The accommodations and food were first class, as well as your help with the travel arrangement prior to travel. I hope that we have the pleasure of such a trip sometime in the future.

Best regards,

Carolyn A. & Mark R.
Waianae, Hawaii 96792
USA, Oct. 2007

Dear Samdrup,

The trip was awesome! The country is so clean, so quiet, so beautiful and so interesting. We had a great time and our guide and driver were terrific. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend your agency to everyone. We especially enjoyed your brother! I wish we had more time to spend there.

The hotels and employees were all helpful and friendly, and they remembered our room number and who we were. The accomodations were more than comfortable....and we were so happy they all had heaters. Water was always plentiful and warm. None of these things are a necessity, but they sure added an extra touch. I am so happy, and so was Heidi, that we decided to go to Bhutan and that we used your agency. Thank you for everything.

Patti S.
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
USA, Nov. 2007

Hi Samdrup,

I am back from my trip to India and Bhutan. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a WONDERFUL trip. It was extremely well planned and from my arrival to early AM departure it was impeccable. My guide Mr.Hari Bahadur Chhetri and driver Mr. Prema were very fine young men with a constant courteous smile. I have now visited most of the Himalayan kingdoms but must say Bhutan was the most beautiful and serene place to visit. A true Shangri-La. I was also lucky to see and get video of Black Necked Cranes in Probhjika valley on 12th Nov. The day of Black Necked Crane festival at gangtey gompa.

If I may, I have only one suggestion. If it is possible keep trekking to Thaktsang gompa on the last day of the trip or the day before the departure. As most travelers arrive to Bhutan from plains, they do need to acclimatise to the elevation of almost 6000 feet ( Paro ) and to expect to trek to almost 10,000 feet to Tiger's Nest, very next day is a bit risky. If it is at the tail end of the trip everyone is well acclimatised by then. I being a physician I noticed quite a few elderly fellow travelers having breathing difficulties. Once again I consider myself quite fortunate to have used your services for once in a lifetime trip.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Kirit C.
Voorhees, NJ 08043
USA, Nov. 2007


I must relay my -and all the other group members'- utmost satisfaction with our tour, its logistics and the excellent support given to us by your company and its staff. Sagar, Tashi and Ganesh along with Tshering were all professionals and went beyond our expectations in all aspects. Everything we asked for was provided without hesitation. Sagar ( I called him Superman because he made everything possible) and Ganesh are especially commendable for their efforts. Tashi impressed us with his courtesy, and low-key help to us.

You were particularly helpful when we were fogged in on our way out of Bhutan and Druk Air had to cancel its flight. You set up our alternative accomodations and transport without hesitation...without the need to rely on Druk Air's help. This was immensely appreciated by all members of our group.

Thank you very much for your professionalism, and for the wonderful time we all had. I will suggest to the other members to also write to you and Samdrup to thank you.

Needeless to say, you have a whole group of people who would be more than happy to provide Jachung and Eagle with solid references when you need them...and you'll get a lot of excellent referrals as well. I see that you list references on your website, so please include this as well, and if you need further references at any point, I would be more than happy to provide them.

All the best,
Tewfic El-Sawy
Photo Travel, Essays & Expeditions
Bronxville, NY 10708
October 2006

Hi Tshering,

I hope this finds you and yours in the best of health and celebrating the beginning of another year.

I had an excellent time in Bhutan. The guide and driver were superb. The scenery was at times awesome. I felt well cared for, well introduced to the culture, and helped to expand my appreciation for the history and times of the country.

While I will probably not go again, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to continue filling out my understanding of South and South East Asian cultures. I did get to see Angkor Wat and listen to the dreadful stories of how much sadness and family destruction occurred during Pot Pol's reign of terror. Hard for me to imagine.

So, kindly accept my thanks for your part in enabling me to visit your native land.

Best wishes,
Mack M.
Edgartown, MA
November 2006

Dear Samdrup,

We have now returned from our trip to Bhutan.

We would like to thank you for all you did. Everything went smoothly. Our guide and driver were very good and we enjoyed all the food.

Bhutan is certainly a very fascinating country. So close to India and yet so different. Everyone we met was friendly and generally people were very polite and helpful. We enjoyed visiting the dzongs and temples, the museum and the other sights. The scenery was impressive and the hike up to Tiger's Nest was great. We have some great photos and a lot of memories.

Thanks once again.
Peter and Sree J.
January, 2007

Hi Samdrup,

Jeff and I arrived back home on Saturday night and we both agree that our trip to Bhutan was the best of our lives. The service was better than anything that we could have imagined and every part of the trek worked well despite the poor weather. I will definitely be recommending Jachung to anybody who will listen!!! Thank you very much for a fantastic trip.

Eric W.
Allston, MA 02134
USA, MArch 2007

Dear Samdrup,

My daughter, Anna, and I have returned from our trip to Bhutan and I wanted to tell you that it was perfect in every way. Before the trip I was impressed with your professionalism in handling our questions, the financial arrangements, and all aspects of the tour planning. This standard was reflected by all the on-the-ground arrangements in Bhutan.

Rinzin Dorji was on absolutely superb guide. He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Bhutanese history and culture, and was a very gracious host. He always had our best interest in mind, and in many ways sought to make our journey as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Over the course of our two weeks we became very close friends, and we will always be thankful for his courtesy, skill and good cheer. He is simply the best.

Likewise our driver Sonam Tshering was excellent. I know from experience the perils of driving in remote places. So I was particularly appreciative of the skill and caution displayed by Sonam in negotiating Bhutan's challenging roads. We never had a moment of concern in the two weeks. He too did everything he could to make our tour one we will remember with fondness.

Anna and I have traveled widely, so we know what it takes to provide superior service to tourists, and this was our experience from beginning to end. So we want to thank you, and let you know that we would be pleased to provide anyone with information about our experience.

Very truly yours,
Griffith G.
Jefferson, MD 21755
April 2006

Dear Samdrup,

Thank you so much for making the arrangements for our trip to Bhutan. I had a wonderful time in your amazing must be so hard for you to be far from there! Our guide, Buddha, and driver, Jigme, were incredible and made our journey very smooth.

I hope I will be able to return for an even longer trip soon!

Colleen H.
Lewes, DE 19958
August 2006

Dear Samdrup,

I was one of the members of Tewfic El-Sawy's group which travelled to Bhutan October 29 through November 11. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the wonderful tour that you provided to us. Travelling to Bhutan is a trip of a lifetime and the graciouness and care with which you and your colleagues attended to us made it all the more spectacular.

Sagar, Tashi and our driver were remarkable as were each of the hotel staffs. Of course, the scenery and beauty of Bhutan speak for themselves. When one travels so far it is a huge comfort to feel that one is in such capable hands.

The memory of the trip will last a life time and your guidance and attention were instrumental in this.

Kind Regards,
Maria D.
New York, NY 10021
October 2006

Hi Samdrup & Tashi,

Back in America and looking at my wonderful pictures of Bhutan. Many Thanks for a fabulous tour of your great country. Please send my thanks to the wonderful bus driver.

World Peace
Penni from California
October 2006

Hello Samdrup,

I thought I would let you know that we had a wonderful time visiting Bhutan! Our trip was made that much better by our terrific guide, Kephel Dorji. He is very warm, friendly, funny, knowledgeable, energetic and very accommodating.

We hope to visit Bhutan again to see festivals and to try a different trek someday. The trek we went on was beautiful, but was cut short by one night due to a snow storm! We awoke to 3 inches of snow on the ground just below the highest pass of the Druk Path. It was challenging and delightful nonetheless.

Thank you for all your effort on our behalf. You helped to make the trip flawless and for that we are grateful.

Thanks again,
Claudia Werlin & family
Albany, CA
March 2006

Dear Tshering,

The trip was WONDERFUL! I can't thank you enough for all your help. Everyone in our family (including the boys, who were without their usual dose of TV, internet, and video games) thought it was the best vacation we have ever had. My 14 year old has even devised a plan to live in Bhutan when he grows up (I don't know all the details--he discussed it with our delightful guide, Tashi Choden, maybe it really will work out someday).

The itinerary you designed was perfect, we felt like we had a chance to see and enjoy many parts of the country. Our guide Tashi was terrific and we felt very safe with our driver, Suraj Chhetri.(the roads could be a little bit "exciting", particularly in heavy fog!) A big surprise was that on William's birthday Tashi, Chheri, Pema, and the tour company manager (I'm afraid I didn't get his name, he was so nice--it was early in the trip and names were still a bit of a challenge) came to dinner at our hotel for a party, complete with a cake, card, and present for William. It was so special for all of us.

Again, thank you so much. Attached are two photos. I took lots--if would like a CD with the best of them I would be happy to compile and send you one.

Cathy O. & family
Palm Harbor, FL
March 2006

Hello Samdrup,

We are now back home after our trip to Bhutan and I thought I should let you know how everything went. In a word - marvellous!

From the moment we arrived in Bhutan and were greeted by our guide, right through to the time he farewelled us at Paro airport on our way home, everything was wonderful. Our guide, Tandin, and driver, Thinley, were both extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful young men. Not only were they very professional in their roles, but they were also great company and went out of their way to ensure that our visit to Bhutan was everything we would like it to be. Excellent!

Our tour was well planned, with enough time in each location to properly see and experience the country and its people - who were always welcoming. The Paro tsechu was spectacular (we did manage to get out of bed at 2 am) and we really did enjoy seeing

Many thanks for arranging the tour for us.

Les M. & Sabine W.
NSW 2444, Australia
April 2006


Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip to Bhutan. Everything was really great, including our guide (Sagar, aka Padro) and our driver, Dorji . . . even the weather was very good. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone we know who we can get interested in going to Bhutan. I wish we had the opportunity to go again, and do some trekking next time . . . who knows!

Thanks again,
Dr. Tony G.
Summerville, SC 29483
April 2006

Dear Tshering,

I have just returned from Bhutan, Bangkok and Bahrain. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your country despite about three days of rain (reminded me of Scotland)!. With so much to see, the trip was too short but very worthwhile. We were looked after by Lotay and Tshering G. who both did a great job. Thank you for the excellence and efficiency of your arrangements.

Kind regards,
Gauldry, U.K
October 2005

Dear Tshering,

The trip to Bhutan went extremely well...All of us were very pleased with the performance of our guide Dodgi and the driver. It turned out that the "adjusted' itinerary worked very well and has allowed us to enjoy the scenic views and the cultural aspects of your fabulous country!

Many thanks,
Luiz R.
Washington, DC
December 2005


We had a great time in Bhutan....what a beautiful country!! Our guide and driver were very good, and we went to our guide's mothers home for butter tea; I like that drink!!! I will send you a photo or 2 once I look through them.

Thanks for all your assistance in our trip planning!!

Leslie T.
Minneapolis, MN
January 2006

Samdrup hello!

I've just returned from India and Sue is still there...We did have a really great time. For the most part the accommodations were good and our guide was responsive to some changes we requested.

The country was beautiful, extraordinarily unique and the weather was really good! The travel arrangements and visas were perfect - we had no problems. The Bhutanese are so kind.

Many thanks,
Susan W.
Baltimore, MD
February 2006

It was very special. Our guide and driver were both wonderful. Short though it was, we got a real flavor for the beauty of Bhutan and its people. We also had a very unique experience dining with a senior monk who we met on the plane and was returning to Thimpu after time abroad. We managed to see most everything - not an easy task given the brevity of our stay, but again our guide and driver were just fantastic and made us feel right at home. We also fell in love with kawa dache (sp?) and the one thing I forgot was to try and get a recipe while we were in Bhutan (the Druk Hotel had the best!), though I think the problem is US potatoes and cheese simply don't taste as good!

Thank you again for all of your assistance in arranging such a wonderful trip for us. We will certainly recommend Jachung Travel as well as our guide and driver.

Best wishes,
Simone & Chris
Beverly Hills, CA
March 2006

Tshering, I had a WONDERFUL time! I have never enjoyed such a trip before. Everything went without a problem at all. The scenery was spectacular, the people beautiful, the trip among the very best ever.

Eric and I even recommended your agency to some foreigners whom we met there. Not sure if they will follow up on it but we recommended you just the same. We liked our guides, Utam and Doji, very much. They were knowledgeable and fun to be around.

Thanks for handling all the behind the scenes stuff for us. I would recommend Bhutan with Jachung to anyone.

Howard P.
Fort Worth, Texas
September 2005

The trip went without a hitch. The preparations were excellent. We also liked the guide and driver very much. The food was good but with little variation from day to day. I must commend you for the very relevant information and preparation you provided prior to our leaving. Thank you.

John T.
Sherman Oaks, CA
September, 2005

As a professional tour guide in the U.S. I would like to comment my Bhutanese guide Mr. Choe Guien for his service in leading our 9 day tour. He was a professional in every way and helped greatly in making this trip exceed my expectations.

Mr. Guien worked tirelessly to ensure our needs were met in every way. Not only did he do the things normally expected of a guide, but also did the little extras that make a trip special. Examples: Bringing us tea at the festival, providing seats at the dance, working with restaurants to make sure we had water always, taking us to the pre-dance ceremonies other tourists did not get to see. I could go on and on. Being in the business myself, I know how hard this type of service is, but he made it look easy.

Thanks for a great trip!

Jeff L.
Poulsbo, WA
October 2005

Hi Tshering,

I have since return from visiting your country and to tell you that I enjoyed it very much. The country is beautiful with Mount Everest for a backdrop, blue skies with no pollution and all the prayer flags fluttering in the wind! The people are gentle, courteous and helpful. The festivals are marvelous and the costumes and dances are awesome! The accommodations for the most part is adequate. I find the food served are usually catered to the Americans taste which I find boring. It was hard trying to find truly Bhutanese food. I was disappointed. Have a joyous holidays.

October 2005

Dear Tshering,

We had a wonderful time. Our guide was Tobgay and our driver was Jigme. Both were friendly, knowledgable, reliable, competant and enjoyable to be around. In Bumthang, Tobgay altered our schedule to allow visits to livestock research farms, as we requested.

Druk Air service was excellent. Weather was fine. Lodgings ranged from (most) very good to acceptable (a few). Most of the meals were excellent in variety and quality; a few were just OK. We particularly enjoyed the trek, although "easy" did not quite describe our reaction to the steep downhill on day 3.

Thank you for your help in arranging this memorable trip. We have told a friend interested in Bhutan of your company.

Yours truly,
Bill and Lynda
Oregon, USA. April 2005

Hi Tshering,

Our guide, Jigme Dorji, was terrific, always ready with information and advice, and ready to help us do whatever we wanted. We were quite exhausted at the end of each day as the visits and travel were exhilarating. Jim gave a great insight into life at many levels in Bhutan, and was always frank and charming. It seemed that wherever we went we could see and visit whichever temples or other places we fancied, but of course everything was arranged with permits and it reflects a great deal of effort on the parts of yourself, and Jim.

We were fortunate to see many holy places and Jim showed a great sympathy with, and reverence for, these places. This meant that the monks were very friendly to us and happy to explain the complex history of Bhutanese Bhuddist culture, which we found very interesting and moving.

Our driver, Gem Dorji, was also very helpful and extremely patient with my constant requests to stop for photos. I have travelled all over the world, often on motorcycle, and I can say that the roads in Bhutan are the best (and scariest) I have ever seen. Gem drove with total concentration and confidence and we always felt very safe with him. The scenery is also beyond compare, leading us to many moments of awe.

In all I can say that our trip was very worthwhile, with wonderful treatment from all of the people we met, and truly one of the most memorable times I have spent in my life. Thank you for your help and organisation, and our thanks also to Pema, Jigme, and Gem.

Duane and Lana M.
Melbourne, Australia
September 2005

Dear Tshering,

Indeed we had a fabulous time. We could not have asked for more, we loved every minute. We had to keep pinching ourselves because we could not believe we were really there and seeing and doing such wonderful things. Our guide was superb!! what a gem; he was so knowledgeable and had such excellent sense of timing that we experienced all sorts of 'happenings' (unplanned little experiences) to add to our joy. Our driver, Raju, was also excellent and so caring and helpful. We were so impressed with the standard of English everywhere, the food (coming from Malaysia- we love hot food), the accommodations, the availability of western toilets, etc. And this says nothing about the gorgeous alpine-like scenery contrasted with rice paddies, the amazing traditional architecture everywhere with the gorgeous decorations, the complex and fascinating form of Buddhism practiced in Bhutan, the beautiful dress of the local people; obviously I could go on and on. The Techu was beyond belief! Heidi and I had 3 cameras each; I took 20 rolls of film and filled up 3 digital memory sticks; It will take ages to sort them all out; I will be giving a talk eventually and of course I always prepare photo albums for memory-sake. Now so many of my friends want to go to Bhutan.

So the bottom line, Tshering, is - - we cannot thank you enough for providing us with such a memorable trip and making the logistics so easy. How often do you get back to Bhutan? In fact, I'd love to go again; I only wish I were much younger so I could do some trekking but c'est la vie.

Joanne M.
Environmental Education
International School of Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello Tshering,

Everything was picture perfect! Nights were still freezing but the days rewarded with great views and dry weather. The organization was done well, the cook was so good, that I almost gained weight in the mountains and I even had some time to practice archery. Thanks again for helping to pull this off.

Best regards,
Gunnar R.
Hong Kong March/April 2005

Hi Tshering,

We had a wonderful time in Bhutan. Our guide Jigme and driver Genga went out of their way to help us see what we wanted to see and arranged for several experiences of local traditions that we requested. I now know that arra is tasty and good in small quantities and that beetle nut is the most awful thing I've ever tasted!

As a western Buddhist I truly appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the Himalayan Buddhism practiced in Bhutan and the other mountain countries. ... The festival in Paro was colorful and the people's "festival best" kiras and gyos were stunningly beautiful. The weather was great and the families were having a great time. Then at 3:00 am we gathered to watch the unfurling of the thongkol. Wow! It was worth every hour of lost sleep to be there.

I appreciate all of your help with making the arrangements and giving us information. ... The new planes are very comfortable. Everywhere we went we met friendly and easygoing people. Your country is doing so many things right. I know they are working on a way to get potable water to as many places as possible and keep sewage separate and under control as well as figure out how to get plastic/trash off the land and into disposal sites. Those are big jobs but I have no doubt that Bhutan will figure out a way!

Well Jomolhari decided to keep herself veiled until we flew out on the last day and finally caught a glimpse of her as well as the other great Himalayas. Oh my. I would love to go back someday but the expense will probably not let me. This was a lifetime trip for me and I thank you for helping me get there. It was worth every penny! Kadinchey-la.

Tashi Dalek,
Kathy M.
Oregon, USA
March/April 2005

Dear Tshering,

I want to tell you how great Karma was as a guide in Bhutan. He was, by far, the best guide I have ever had!! I am very grateful to you for providing Vivian and I with a truly wonderful trip. We were able to see all the sights we wanted to see, and learn about the religion and the culture of each area. I felt completely taken care of and provided for by Karma and our driver. Every complicated interaction was explained, every need taken care of. I am forever grateful to you and your company for providing such a professional guide and for making a once in a lifetime trip worth every penny!!

Lea H.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062 USA.

We really had a good time in Bhutan. The roads were challenging, but our driver did a good job. Karma was great! He has a unique ability to converse in straight forward mannered ways and he solved a few situations with our hotel well. Make a note of all these larger groups. They always seemed to get the first rights and we were pushed out of some hotels at least twice into some less desirable hotels.
Anyway, recommended to hardy experienced travelers.

Thanks so much,
Santa Cruz, CA 95062 USA.

Hi Tshering,

We just arrived home on Monday night as we spent three weeks in India after leaving Bhutan.

Our trip was great! Jigme was our guide, and he told us to say hello to you for him.

I appreciate all of your help in planning this trip. We didn't end up doing the mountain biking (we needed some down time by then), but we loved the day hikes and also seeing the beautiful dzongs and other buildings and hearing about the country's history. And we were lucky enough to see part of an archery tournament, which was fun.

The one thing I would have done differently (besides stay longer in Bhutan!) is that I would have spent the $30 to have our airline tickets sent to us. Druk Air lost our tickets and I'm surprised they don't lose more; they were very disorganized.

Thanks again for everything, and I hope things are going well with your daughter.

Lauren & Geoffrey Slater
Vermont, USA
November 2004

Hi Tshering,

We had an excellent time in Bhutan! Jigme was very good as a guide and we learned a lot. Bhutan was definitely a highlight of our four months of travel for all of us.

Thank you very much for all you did to make our visit go very smoothly. I would recommend you to anyone traveling to Bhutan. You were very thorough, friendly, and responsive and working with you was a great pleasure. I am happy to serve as a reference for you to potential clients.

If you ever find yourself traveling to the eastern US, please look us up. We would welcome a visit.

Scott M. and Family
November/December 2004

Dear Tshering,

We had the most wonderful time in Bhutan!! We were so touched by the beauty of the country and the graciousness of the people. I had been wanting to see the Himalayas all my life, so this was a real adventure for me. We will never forget this experience. Our guide was so knowledgeable and friendly, and he made sure to inform all the cooks that we were vegetarians, so we had no trouble with the food. In fact, we loved the food! Our driver was great too and he stopped whenever we wanted to take pictures.

Thank you for planning the trip for us and for answering my numerous questions! You really helped us get prepared and took care of all the "details" for us. Everything went smoothly, and we really got a good sense of Bhutan. I especially enjoyed the Folk Heritage Museum. And the day hikes to Tharpaling and Tiger's Nest stand out in our minds as beautiful hikes. Plus the views of the mountains took our breath away every day. But really, we enjoyed it all.

We hope to go back to Bhutan again, and we will certainly go through Jachung Travel. I would whole-heartedly recommend you and your company to anyone who wants to go to Bhutan!

Tashi delek and kadinche,

Mark and Lisa
March 2005

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our guide and driver. The weather was beautiful and so was the tour. Thanks for setting up the trip.

Al & Mimi
(Alaska, USA)
November 2004

Hi Tshering,

Thank you for following up. Our Bhutan trip was everything we hoped for!...

We were particularly grateful for your comprehensive and practical information and quick responses prior to the actual trip. It made the organisation extremely smooth... It formed a large part of our decision to go with Jachung Travel!

We were also very happy with the accommodation particularly Zangto Pelri near Punaka which was our favourite place. The itinerary was very flexible and we were able to adjust it slightly on a few days to add in extra walks or to accommodate the weather. Our highlights were definitely the Tiger's Nest, the festival of course, the many beautiful walks through the rice paddy fields, choosing our kiras and gho's in the shop in Thimphu and seeing a family of golden langours!

Attached are a couple of pictures including my husband and I in national dress for the Tsetchu festival!

Kind regards,
Eleanor, (Singapore)
September 2004

Hi Tshering-

I wanted to let you know what a super time I had during my "glimpse" of Bhutan. What a beautiful, fascinating, friendly country. The arrangements were all terrific. My guide, Jigme, was great, as was the driver, Dorje. And I enjoyed dinner with Karma. I do hope that my wife and I can go back sometime for a trek.

Thanks again for all your careful work. I have good photos and fond memories of the stunning rhododendrons on the way to Tiger's Nest.

Best, -Rich Read
Oregon, USA)
April 2004

Hello Tshering,

Thank you for the good wishes. We are back from vacation and trying to settle into regular life. The trip to Bhutan was wonderful. Everything went very well. Our guide, Tobgay, was great! The country is as beautiful as I imagined.

Thanks, again, for all your help in putting our trip together. I would love to visit again and will certainly contact your company if I do.

Debby B.
November 2004